The Sunday Currently Vol. 4


There’s this book that was a present from my boss called The Winning Attitude by John C. Maxwell. It’s probably one of the very, very few self-help books I own. I’ve actually been enjoying the book which is a surprise since I only reserve that joy when reading fiction.


Rather than writing, I’m doing some admin work for our Cebu site. Just inputting the latest batch of reimbursements on an Excel document, ynow, boring stuff.


My personal playlist on Spotify is in shuffle mode so right now, it’s Jimmy Eat World – The Middle. Oh, and the background noise of the electric fan swinging it’s head from left to right.


… about the things that I have to do or get done by tomorrow. I’m plotting my schedule later and set reminders because I am a forgetful person. RIP, memory.


Nothing bad, which is really good. 😉


I’ve been clouded by doubts lately so right now what I’m wishing for is clarity – of the mind and of the soul. Maybe some soul-searching is in order.


I’m hoping to finish these backlog of admin work by Tuesday so that I’ll have some time for delayed personal projects.


A sky blue Adidas shirt and some really cheap pambahay shorts that I bought from a local mart.


  • Nike’s Training Club app
  • This Is: TAEYEON playlist on Spotify
  • As It Is’ single, “okay”


A Bazooka Rocks 2017 Day 2 VIP ticket because it’s fcking State Champs that is playing that day.


More than 24 hours in a day


“I’ll be just fine”


Posts on zerothreetwo’s website


Author: frau

A 22-year old about her own situated-ness.

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