The Day-off Currently Vol. 1

Hello! Before you get on with the post, just a little head’s up for future “Currently” posts. I have work on Sundays so I usually am too tired to write so I’m changing things up. Posts of this kind are now called “The Day-off Currently” ‘cause my days off are more interesting. That’s it.


I just finished a fiction book called The Hating Game so as of the moment I’m not reading anything. BUT! I have a pending book on my list, the one I talked about in the last edition (see, I forgot about it).


My end of the month report for February. I sound like a legit adult doing office work, don’t I? HAHAHAHAHA. Also, trying to remember what events and happenings I have this March since I have to put them up in my planner or else, I forget about them.


Currently playing Taeyeon’s first full-length album “My Voice”. She’s a KPOP singer and member of SNSD.


Nothing in particular. Exactly at this moment, it’s: “What happened to We Are The In Crowd?”


The lingering smell of white onion from the dinner I cooked earlier


For continuous sunny days and strength when storms roll in


To get a long vacation soon (away from life, maybe?)


Grey sort-of cropped top and blue workout (?) shorts


The music video for Taeyeon’s single, “Fine”. Check it here:


Sensible sandals that I can wear to work or to ganaps


Enough drive to pursue passion projects


Post-exercise bliss


Posts on crush’s blog


Author: frau

A 22-year old about her own situated-ness.

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