Junior standing: 5 tips after two years of #Adulting

Hi! This is Frau and I am now into my third year as a member of the “real world” where adult things (uy, pun intended) happen. I don’t have a lot of experience yet but who’s to say I’m not qualified to give my own advices? No one! So, read on and hopefully some, if not all, helps you in one way or another. 🙂


Me when asked “y u give advice?”

Advice 1: You do you – there’s no point in trying to keep up with what is the “uso” if it doesn’t genuinely resonate with you and your identity. For example, I like listening to pop punk and to KPOP, too. It might seem like a weird combination of genres to some people but I don’t care, what matters is I enjoy both. So, guys, please…

read the books you like

listen to the music you like

do things that you like

try things that you’d like to try

Advice 2: Don’t be afraid to seek help when things get tough. I’m guilty of trying to do everything alone and keeping everything in for as long as I can. I did that for the last 21 years so why can’t I continue doing it, right? Well, my friends, I realized I can’t carry on with that habit because a. it’s not good for my mental health and b. I don’t know all the answers and other do. But for this point, I’m not just talking about mental struggles but all kinds of struggle. Feeling down lately? Talk to a friend, family member or a therapist (if you can afford one). Don’t know how to solve a problem at work? Ask a senior or a mentor. You get the idea! You can’t always do things alone and oftentimes, you don’t have to.

Advice 3: If you want relationships to work, put in the effort needed. To be honest, I’m not good at chatting people up online or even texting just to catch up so I reaaaaally need to work on this till now. Good thing my friends are quite low maintenance so they don’t always need to be constantly hanging out (hi friends, sorry for this and promise I’ll be better #peace). They say the people you are five years ago may not be the same people you are close with now but, if you work on maintaining communication, hanging out and whatnot, then who’s to say it won’t be a lasting bond?

Advice 4: Fail forward. We cannot always expect to do everything right but what we can be sure of is we will fail at some point. When these failures happen, one thing to remember is to stop wallowing in the failure part and start thinking about the learning. How you will apply what you learned from that experience so it won’t happen again? Or at least the next time it happens, you know what to do. Accept the fact that you failed – own it – but keep in mind that that failure has given you an insight on what you can do to move forward.

Advice 5: You don’t always have to be ON. Okay, okay, I know we live in the digital age and everything is on the Internet. But you know what, as much as I love the online world and everything it offers, it’s exhausting (or at least to me, it is). Constant scrolling through mobile apps is now everyone’s go-to exercise. Communication has become so convenient that people sometimes have no regard about personal space/ time and they expect everyone to be, too. I even feel like sending an SMS has become obsolete because hello, Frau, y u not uses Messenger just like everyone?

Guys, sometimes we need to unplug and notice the things happening in our immediate surroundings. Get in touch with the real world (don’t get philosophical with me on this) or if you’re not the type of person who needs time off, respect those who do.

So yeah, those are my tips for you millennials and non-millennials. Apply what you can and discard what you cannot. Welcome to the real world! #


Author: frau

A 22-year old about her own situated-ness.

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