A moment of silence for the exhausted

“I’m not growing up
I’m just burning out
And I stepped in line
to walk amongst the dead”

Burnout, Green Day

Work has been hard lately and at times I feel like the world is punishing me. Being an introvert, the biggest struggle that has been recurring in my life after graduation is the fact that the line between work hours and personal time is blurred. I get that people development not only happens when you and your colleagues are at the workplace; that it also needs to happen outside of it. But for me, giving away most of my time to other people sucks the life out of my own self.

I do understand and accept the fact that I am part of a start-up company that is growing and that I need to be hands-on, I also know that I need to pause even for just a bit – for myself, for my soul. After all, I am not (and no human is) capable of working like a dog for days on end without crashing, dead-tired.

The reasons above are probably the reason why pockets of silence and moments of pause are so precious to me these days. In the stage of life that I’m currently living in, these have become rare and welcomed surprises that saved me from burning out.


quiet afternoon in bed



Author: frau

A 22-year old about her own situated-ness.

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