What’s up?

So it’s been a year and four months out of college, how’s the experience going? Here’s a rundown of the things or events that happened.

  • Volunteer work for APEC

In my 2015 recap post, I talked briefly about my experience being part of the Operations committee for the APEC Summit in Cebu. Me and my friend, Kaye were fresh out of university and we kind of didn’t want to get into the “real world” yet. When we found out that the local/ provincial government was looking for volunteers for the meetings to be held in Cebu, we jumped at the opportunity. We got in but in different committees, I was in logistics and Kaye was in registration. We got to stay at the most expensive hotels in Cebu, eat free food and most of the work we do are easy. The experience, as a whole, was a fun one.

  • Unemployment

After APEC, I was still not ready to find a job so I moved back home… to my mom’s basement (no hahahaha we don’t have a basement). I was unemployed for two months. My excuse was that I was finding direction and doing all the things I wasn’t able to do in college. And I did do all the things I was putting aside during college; I read a lot of fiction, learned how to do handlettering and started this blog.

  • Job

Tired of being unemployed, I took to the Internet to find a job. I was not even thinking about getting the “perfect” job for me, I was ready to take on anything. So, I stumbled into a Facebook group where jobs in the development sector are posted, scanned the posts, sent a ton of emails and got only a handful of replies. In the end, I ended up with a job as a fundraiser. I didn’t even know that this was a legit job where you get paid but I said yes when they told me I got hired.

My first week, like most first weeks of getting into something totally new, was full of adjustments and doubts. Can I really do this? Why did I even study Political Science if I’m not going to make a living out of it? I wanted out. But after getting past that first week, I was willing to give it three months. Three months turned into nine, now I’m a senior with a team consisting of two other fundraisers.

  • Personal

Nothing much has happened in my personal life or idk, maybe there’s been some changes. I got new friends from work that are all pretty much good people. Like most people in their 20s, I struggle with responsibilities like keeping up with my finances, getting insurance, etc. I am also doing my best to maintain my work/ life balance, although I sometimes sacrifice time with others for work (but I’m working on not doing that). Introvert time is also very important so on some off days, I just hangout by myself and do what I always do which is drink milktea/ coffee and read books or try to doodle.

Oh, I got chicken pox a week before this post. I was underwhelmed because I feel like I didn’t get the full chicken pox experience. I only had a few spots, no itching or fever. But to be honest, I am thankful that I got by easy.

What lies ahead?

I don’t have any idea what lies in the future. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do and set my priorities. Hey, I’m still young so I have a ton of time to figure shit out (jk, I need to find direction before the year ends, I think).



MNL 1/27 – 1/30 2016

I believe everyone has their own city, one that they are super into and fits their lifestyle needs. What I realized when I went to Manila is that I know for sure that it’s not the city for me.

Manila is crowded. The view from the plane’s window showed an endless landscape of buildings and urban decay. Although it is the capital of the country, I felt like it lacked urban planning and proper use of space. There are also a lot of people from various parts of the country who decided to try their luck in the big city. This meant that the population is sky-high. Pollution and poverty can be seen everywhere. Rule of law seems to be nonexistent and the thought that I could be mugged or kidnapped anytime was never removed from my mind.

Aerial view

On a good note, I was very happy  because I was able to visit UP Diliman. To me, it seemed like our version of a Central Park in Manhattan. It was a pocket of green in an area full of concrete, glass and/ or metal. Going inside the campus felt like going to my hometown province, it gave me that sense of serenity and peace that I only feel when I’m at home. Well, as an alumna, maybe I am (in an alien-finding-the-mothership kind of way). One good thing that this trip brought was me seeing Dara again. It has been a long time since I saw the 1/5 of Duma and I miss our resident miming (cat) friend.

Dara, the miming


Mothership statue of the Oblation

Manila has developed a bad reputation as a city — worst traffic, high crime rate, etc. As the plane descended altitude, I saw the city and thought, “well, this was exactly what I had in mind”. I was picked up at the airport by my uncle and as soon as we joined the main road going to their house, we felt the infamous traffic. Cruising the NCR roads, I saw the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you made it in Manila, I salute you!


The Sunday Currently Vol. 3


Posts on the wall of a Venice Anderson on Facebook.


Nothing, really. Just filling out the sections of this week’s Sunday Currently. No special write-ups yet. The muse is elusive.


Tonight’s tunes are from the “One Directions Hits” playlist on Spotify by Filtr Portugal. The song playing right now is Story of My Life from the Midnight Memories album.



Is Php 2,000.00 is enough money for my four-day trip to Manila? Will I not be hungry? Short of cash? Also, how do I navigate the unfamiliar streets of Manila? Ugh, Manila.


Nothing. I’m not near anything that could give off odor so I’m not smelling anything.


I wish, I wish with all my heart to have a job that fits me and that I want to be doing. Also, to have an artist grade watercolor and fine brushes for lettering.


I’m hoping that this trip to Manila to see Neck Deep will turn out to be a great one. It will be memorable for sure, I just hope that the memory will be one of those things that I’ll remember for life for all its good parts.


An old sleeveless blouse that used to be something I love wearing when going out. It was transferred from the “going out outfits” pile to the “bed wear” pile long ago since it shows too much cleavage. Hahahahaha problems.


Carpool Karaoke videos on The Late, Late Show with James Corden’s Youtube channel. The amount of time I spend watching and re-watching those videos is ridiculous. I’m checking them out every day. (call me crazy)


(Still wanting) A job?


Money and some time alone to do things that calm my soul


Exhausted from the traffic because it’s the Sinulog weekend. But not exhausted enough because I’m still staying up to type this.


Some Venice Anderson’s Facebook  profile because apparently it’s funny and trending now. Also, because my best friend told me so and I know that if I don’t check it out I will never hear the end of it.

Issues: The desire to be white

It saddens me to think that society (or at least, the Philippine society) is so obsessed with having that white skin. Pills, tablets, whitening soap, scrubs and whatever shit people do or use to have white skin are all over the Internet and supermarkets. What are you trying to prove or achieve? That being white is better than being of color?

Even worse, teenagers are pressured to get that white glowing skin because their celebrity idols said so in some TV advertisement. What happened to teaching kids to be confident in their own skin?

An old nursery song I learned in Sunday school may remind adults and kids that skin color is not that important.

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Brown and yellow,
Black and white,
They are precious in his sight.

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Entry: July 14, 2015

As of 17:55, I have been sitting in someone else’s cot for about 20 minutes now. I was bored and didn’t want to keep looking at the people in the ship’s balcony so I decided to write (also, that Muslim lady was looking at me badly for 2 incidents now). And now I don’t know what to write about.

My phone is charging so I cannot leave it here. It’s still at 55% and 1 hour and 24 minutes before it’s fully charged.

Here are some observations (due to the lack of subject matter to write about):

  • I was not a weirdo for taking a selfie and some Instagram-worthy photos. Other people are now at the balcony taking selfies even when there are a lot of people around.
  • A lot of people are eating at this hour. I guess I should too because it’s hard to eat outside when the ship’s moving. But I’m still full from the spaghetti earlier so hmmm… guess we’ll see when I will get hungry.
  • I find that my goal to talk to at least one stranger will be difficult to achieve because:
    1. I am incapable of talking to strangers casually
    2. Some, well, the people that are near me, are scary… stranger danger!
    3. I don’t want to seem like a weirdo/ creep.
  • It’s both scary and freeing to travel without a companion.