Entry: July 14, 2015

As of 17:55, I have been sitting in someone else’s cot for about 20 minutes now. I was bored and didn’t want to keep looking at the people in the ship’s balcony so I decided to write (also, that Muslim lady was looking at me badly for 2 incidents now). And now I don’t know what to write about.

My phone is charging so I cannot leave it here. It’s still at 55% and 1 hour and 24 minutes before it’s fully charged.

Here are some observations (due to the lack of subject matter to write about):

  • I was not a weirdo for taking a selfie and some Instagram-worthy photos. Other people are now at the balcony taking selfies even when there are a lot of people around.
  • A lot of people are eating at this hour. I guess I should too because it’s hard to eat outside when the ship’s moving. But I’m still full from the spaghetti earlier so hmmm… guess we’ll see when I will get hungry.
  • I find that my goal to talk to at least one stranger will be difficult to achieve because:
    1. I am incapable of talking to strangers casually
    2. Some, well, the people that are near me, are scary… stranger danger!
    3. I don’t want to seem like a weirdo/ creep.
  • It’s both scary and freeing to travel without a companion.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2


I kind-of paused reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story after I saw the movie. Right now I’m reading Abbey Sy’s 2016: First Few Days post on her blog artistic-dreams.com. Her blog is one of the few non-social media sites that I enjoy.


This edition of The Sunday Currently. I know it’s almost Monday already here in the Philippines but yeah, I’ll try to make it before midnight. The time is still 10:38 PM so I know I can.


I wanted to listen to Kristel Fulgar’s viral video of her singing JB’s Love Yourself but the laptop doesn’t play audio for some reason. Hmmmm… so now I’m listening to my mother yawning and the sound coming from the fan.


About how great is would be if I have a job. Hahaha actually no. I was thinking about how I could earn money and do the things I’m passionate about.


Canned sardines in tomato sauce. I fed the dogs earlier with that plus rice and made the decision to use my hands to mix the two. Now, I can’t get the smell off of my fingers.


Currently wishing that my CV impressed the people at Equality Marketing so they’ll include me in the list of applicants up for interviews. Also, that when I get short-listed, I’ll nail the interview and be hired. *fingers crossed* 🙂


I’m hoping to have a photo taken with the boys of Neck Deep during their concert in Manila on the 28th. Also, that I’ll get to hang with them. But above of all, I hope they’re not douchebags. Hahahahaha


My Christmas-themed leggings (printed with reindeers and poinsettias; colors: red, white, black) and a plain blue v-neck shirt.


My Dong-A gold and silver metallic pens. I write using these two on my notebook’s black cover and I love the result!


A job?


Funds… enough money to enable me to buy brushes, watercolors, paper and merch!


Happy because I got to spend time with my little pamangkin. We had a little almost-sleepover.


Links to blogs on millimetrs’ local faves section.

2015 Recap

Year 2015 was full of transitions and changes. I think it deserves a recap so I don’t forget about the important things, events, people and accomplishments that happened over the entire year.

Things I am thankful for:

Another year in added to my existence

The world not ending

GOD who has always been there for me

My family, friends and awesome acquaintances

UP and En Banc

The Wonder Years and the other bands that I listen to

Not-so-secret crush

Graduating on time

A very chill yet “naning” thesis partner (God bless Dara’s soul)

Tita Jossan and her family

Kinect/ Youtube channels/ Internet

Team Logistics


THESIS! – This was one of the things that really kept on running through my mind during the first half of the year. I remember self-diagnosing myself as “depressed” during the last semester of college because of thesis work. Timeouts were really important to me because they kept me sane during these times. After everything, seeing the hardbound copies of our research definitely made me feel triumphant and proud (maybe this is how pregnant women feel after seeing their baby for the first time).

Riding the Ceres bus (day and night trips) to Cebu North – This may seem like nothing to other people but to me it’s an achievement. One, me and Dara (thesis buddy) are not from Cebu so we have no fucking clue how to do this with only the two of us travelling. Two, we did not get lost and encountered dangers during these trips.

Booking an online flight for myself – People are already doing this, some of these people are younger than me! I felt like I did a little growing up when I successfully booked two flights for myself by myself. J

Buying a concert ticket – same as above

Going to a club/ bar – because I am over 18 for 2 years already, I felt like it was time

Getting drunk/ drinking – same as above



Handlettering/ using watercolour – During college, lots of my doodles were words in different fonts or writing styles so after I graduated college I had plenty of time to work on this hobby. I really hated using watercolour before but now I have developed a love for the medium. Looking at Abbey Sy as my inspiration definitely helped because she sends so much positive and good vibes. I think I’m am getting better (positivity!).

College graduation & unemployment – I lumped these two together because they happened chronologically. Graduating from college IS a huge accomplishment, especially in the Philippine society. Filipinos see the college diploma as a ticket to bigger things and opportunities and yes, it is. However, after finally transferring my Sablay from my right shoulder to my left and marching to receive my diploma, I took some time off. I did not mean to be unemployed; it’s just that I felt I need to take a break after four years of exhaustion. Now, I kind of regret that timeout, but not really. I think it did me good.

Volunteer work – APEC 2015 Cebu Organizing Committee – The APEC Summit 2015 was one of the biggest things that happened in our country last year and having a small participation in it was super cool. Plus, I met fun people and got to sleep/eat/enjoy at the finest hotels in Cebu. I also learned what it was like to be in a (sort-of) working environment where there was a lot of adjusting – working with strangers (at first), dealing with persons in authority, etc.

Places I visited:

Funtastic Island, Medellin

Oslob, Cebu – Whale Shark watching, Tumalog Falls

Sumilon Island

Bogo, Cebu

Palompon/ Villaba, Leyte

Cebu Hotels – Marriot, Waterfront Lahug, Movenpick, Radisson Blue, Shangri-La Mactan

Artists/ Albums I listened to:

Modern Baseball

Turnover – Peripheral Vision


Turnover/Citizen Split

As It Is – Concrete, Dial Tones (LSS)


Brand New – Deja Entendu

Set Your Goals – Burning at Both Ends


Ramshackle Glory


Neck Deep


Man Overboard


All Time Low

Hit the Lights


Knuckle Puck

Taylor Swift


Star Wars Original Trilogy

Harry Potter movies

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Guardians of the Galaxy

Jurassic World

The Hobbit 3

College required films

TV Series-es I started watching:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Mr. Robot
  • Daredevil

(lists are subject to change, stuff may be added later next year)


“Life is the climb but the view is great”.

The past year had been a journey through a mountain range – climb up, reach the peak, enjoy the view, go downhill, repeat. There were plenty of problems and things that seemed insurmountable during 2015 which made me want to give up and stay on the ground. However, I pulled myself together and continued the journey from one mountain to another until I conquered the last one (hopefully, I did).


The Sunday Currently Vol. 1


It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I watched part of the movie last night after I saw it as a related video to the ME, Earl and the Dying Girl trailer. I had the PDF copy of the book for a long time but it was only last night that I started to read it. I’m on page 75 now.


This first edition of The Sunday Currently. I plan on keeping this as a constant thing in my new blog, kind of a series that people can look forward to.


Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. I remember jokes being thrown towards Green Day/ Billy Joe when September ends and then I remember what the song is about. We can be kind of insensitive sometimes.


Nothing in particular but my thoughts keep coming back to the scene when our dog ate its own vomit. Gross, I know but they said it was normal.




I’m wishing that I have enough money saved for the Neck Deep concert that I’ll be attending on the 28th. Also, that I’ll look good with a long bob with beach waves.


I’m hoping that I’ll have a job soon. I have been unemployed for a while and it’s not fun anymore. I have tons of free time and not a lot to do.


My new BNY racerback sleeveless which is a Christmas gift from my mother. It’s supposed to be worn under a cropped top but I don’t really care for that. I just love this.


The Me, Earl and the Dying Girl movie. Ugh, I rave about it so much.


A hair cut like the one Olivia Cooke had for the MEATDG movie (see how much I love the movie?)


Funds. Money, money, money. And a job.


Sad? Useless? A little depressed? I don’t really know.


Nothing. Just typing out words for this.